Cancellation of making several control payments and introduction of Mavro 50% for the first PH


Dear participants,

Unfortunately, we have apparently overdone a little bit with precautions and reserve funds. :-)) Yes, the situation is absolutely stable now, but an extremely extended queue of confirmations pays for this stability. The queue is decreasing, as we think, too slowly.

In order to spur the dynamics and speed up, in this way, the pace of the confirmation queue, we decided (after some hesitation! :-)) to derogate a little from our current over-precautious policy. :-))

Here we go:

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MMM China Weekly News. February 7, 2017


Hello, dear MMM China leaders and participants

Today we are publishing MMM China official news. We will tell you about how the Community is progressing. Official news texts are approved by Sergey Mavrodi personally. Be sure that here you will get official news only.

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1000 payment expamples old mavros for the week (30 - 05 Feb 2017)


Dear participants!

The mutual help Community MMM is working as stably as never. We both pay off the growth percent for the current Mavros and release the old ones.

We assure you that old Mavros are being released very actively now:

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Special training for previous guiders


Dear participants,

Guiders play an important role in MMM development. That's why we give another chance for everyone who lost his/she's leader status. To continue attracting more participants, expanding your team and getting an extra bonus for this, we offer a 3-day special business training course for old guiders who lost their status after failing guider status confirmation. We believe that every guider will benefit from it! We are looking forward to seeing your better self on our guider school website!

Please, all guiders who got their status cancelled fill in the form

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