Who are “Referrers” and “Referrals”?

A “Referrer” is a participant of the MMM Community who invited another participant by using “Referral Link”, “Invite” or directly registered in Personal Office.

A “Referral” is a person who was invited by “Referrer”.

If you registered a new participant in Personal Office or he registered by himself using your “Invite” or “Referral Link”, then you’re his/her “Referrer”, and he/she is your “Referral”.

You can see a list of your referrals in “Participants” section of your Personal Office.

A referrer gets a referral bonus of 10% on for every amount of provided help by his referral.



To see your referrals you need to do the following:

1. Put the cursor on the “Participants” section.



2. Click “Referrals” in the popup window.



3. There you will see a list of people who registered in the system with your referral link.



It is very easy to find referrals!

You should attract you friends and relatives to the system; they can become your first referrals. Then send invitations with your referral link on social media, messengers, chats. Add your link in status update or forum signature. Start a discussion in forums, talk to other visitors, expand your network of contacts -- all these people are your potential referrals. Every day tell at least one person about MMM, show how to get income by participating in the community, and people are sure will join your team!

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