Where can I post my Referral Link?

Referral link is a link to a certain website. It contains the address of the website and a code with digits and symbols assigned to a certain person. This link helps to attract new users to the website. If the user follows this link, after his registration the owner of the referral link will get a remuneration.

In China there are three key social networks — weibo.com, qzone.com and renren.com.

It’s very easy to place and share the referral link.






It’s probably the most complicated website for the publication of the referral link. The censorship of the website doesn’t pass the link http://china-mmm.bar. To avoid the block of the link you can use the special service that can reduce your link. In China, https://bitly.com/ is a very good option. The same situation happens with personal messages and comments. Without such service your message or comment just won’t be sent.



Paste the link in the window for your publication.



The censorship doesn’t allow the link and the following window appears on the screen.

Open a new tab and go to https://bitly.com/. Paste the link necessary for the publication.



Then, paste the result you got in the window for your publication, click on Send. Your link has been published in the news feed!






This social network won’t cause any problems for you, the link can be easily published both in the news feed and comments.



Paste the link in the window for your publication, and click on Send. The link has been published!



Actually, the website http://china-mmm.bar is included into the list of the forbidden websites on qzone.com and sometimes an error can occur when publishing the link, however this problem can be easily solved by refreshing the page.






Due to the quite stark censorship in this social network the link http://china-mmm.bar. isn’t blocked in comments, personal messages or on the “wall”.



Paste the link in the window for your publication.



The link has been published!