What is “Mavro”?

Mavro is a conventional unit for measurement of provided help to other participants in MMM.

For example, if a participant has contributed 10,000 CNY, he receives 10,000 Mavro-CNY. The amount of Mavros in a participant’s Personal Office shows a maximum amount of help he can get.

For example, if a participant has 50,000 Mavro-CNY, he can get 50,000 CNY. The amount of growing Mavros and progressive calculation of help amount can be seen in “Mavro” section of your Personal Office.

There are several types of Mavro: Mavro-CNY, Mavro-USD, and etc. However, lately, most of operations in MMM are carried out in Bitcoins. It is just based on this, for your convenience Mavro-BTC were introduced. Now, if you buy Mavro-BTC, all your operations on providing and getting help, as well as adding bonuses, will be performed in Bitcoins directly, without converting to yuan. More detailed information on Mavro-BTC is here .



To get into the “Mavro” section:

1. Click on the “Mavro” button in your Personal Office



2. There you can see the amount of Mavro you have.