How to use Google Authenticator?

Two factor authentication is a very reliable way to increase the security of your PO. We also advise you to use it in all financial services where it is possible. You can use either web application of two factor authentication service, or install a mobile app on your mobile device.

Important! Do not use both options otherwise it will produce the conflict and your PO will be locked. Choose one of the ways.



Web service




Step 1. Log in to your PO and go to My Page




Step 2. Choose the Other tab. Here you can see the button Create GA key, click on it.




Step 3. You will see the system pop up message with the long code consisting of numbers and letters. Copy it.




Step 4. Open another tab in your browser and follow the link https://gauth.apps.gbraad.nl/

!Important! Do not close the tab with your PO.

Click on the sign of the pencil in the top right corner of the website.




Step 5. Click on the Add button.




Step 6. Create a name for your new account (for example, your nickname+MMM) and insert the code you copied from the PO into the field Secret key.




Step 6. You will see that one-time passwords are already being generated.



Step 7. Save this page in your bookmarks to have a fast access to it.




Step 8. Next time when you will be logging in your PO, you will enter email and password (as usual).




And after this you will see the system message about additional authorization.

Choose the GA key option and click Next.




Step 9. Go to the page https://gauth.apps.gbraad.nl/ saved in your bookmarks and remember the code, which was automatically generated. Insert it into the field and click Login.

Important! Each generated code is valid only for 30 seconds. You can see here, how long this code will be valid.




So, you need to remember the code, insert it to the field in your PO logging in form and click Login faster than 30 seconds, otherwise the term of this code will expire.



Mobile App



Step 1-3. The same actions as in the Web service option.




Step 4. Go to the App Gallery (depending on your mobile device it might be Play Market, iStore or other gallery), find and download the Authy application. After it has been installed open in on your device.




Step 5. Insert your telephone number and wait till the system sends you the SMS with verification code. Enter this code and proceed.




Step 6. Create the backup password - you will use it, if you lose your phone, to recover the access to the app.




Step 7. Click on the top right corner and pick the Add account option. You will see the option to scan QR code or enter the key manually. Since we do have the QR in our PO, use the second option




Step 8. Create and add the account name.



Now your codes for two factor authentication are being generated. So, you can enter the actual code when you log in to your PO like in steps 8-9 in the previous part of this instruction. Remember to enter the code during 30 seconds, while it is valid.