What is MMM (general information)

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MMM Ideology



What is MMM? Goals and mission.

MMM is a community of mutual aid which has no equals. It was founded by Sergey Mavrodi in 2011 with the aim of creating a fair financial system. In MMM, people lend financial help to each other and get 50% of the respective amount on a monthly basis. MMM participants have united to overcome social inequality; they want to live in abundance and feel confident about their future.

Thanks to the Community people can help their families and friends financially, travel, run charities, visit health resorts and start their own businesses. Together, they are building a fair world. MMM helps every person,including you,become financially independent.

MMM isn’t a company or an organization. We don’t have a central account and access to the participants’ funds. We are acting like a dispatcher connecting those who wish to provide help with those who want to get help. Participants help each other directly without intermediaries.

We are creating an absolutely new world with a new way of thinking. The modern world is unjust; it has no place for common people, just for bankers and big businessmen. It’s all about money. Social inequality grows daily, the number of the poor increases, while the rich get still richer. Ordinary people have no opportunity to get what they wish even though they work in a hard and honest way.

MMM strives to dismantle the unfair financial system. We are happy we can give common people the chance to become happy: they can buy what they have dreamed about for a long time, they can go travelling, indulge their loved ones with presents. This is what makes this Community special.

Join MMM, help others and get 50% of the provided help on a monthly basis. Build a fair world where everyone will have their happy everafter.

In the modern world, justice, kindness and honesty are not a myth or a fantasy any more — MMM has made them real! Let’s join our forces and change the world TOGETHER!!! Long live MMM! Long live Sergey Mavrodi!!!



What is money? How have we been turned into financial slaves?

In MMM, people lend financial help to each other and get 50% of the respective amount on a monthly basis.

The Community is building a just world and allows everyone to get money for a happy life.

The Community changes people and their attitude to money: the participants become kinder, they want to help others. When a person has no financial straits, they perceive the world in a new light. However, today’s unfair financial system manipulates us using money.

We are enslaved by plain pieces of paper

Money is “shackles” into which we are put by banks and the government. You can do nothing without money: neither buy food, nor manage a disease. We have got used to the fact that everything is done for money, and we highly appreciate it.

But, in fact, money is just pieces of paper printed by banks and is backed by nothing. These pieces of paper are given to people as payment for their work. The US Fed has no external constraints and can print dollars in unlimited quantities. Central banks of other countries are regulated by the Fed policy.

Theoretically, money can be printed in the amount as large as one wishes so that it will suffice for everyone. But the economic system is structured in such a way that we sell our time, skills and knowledge for money which is never enough.

MMM changes the world

With the Community, the current financial system will lose the competition and will be replaced with a new one —everyone will have the chance to live happily and in abundance rather than being under the authority of banks and the government.

Participate in MMM. Help others, get 50% per month of the provided help amount and support yourself financially. We are building a just world where everyone will be able to satisfy their needs...



Vision: MMM brings happiness into the world

The modern world is bad. It is inhumane, unfair and unjust. It is a world of money.

It is not made for people. It is made for those who make money, for bankers and the government. Ordinary people are some kind of servants for the rich, sweeping out their palaces.

What lies behind the welfare of the community? It’s labor. Why then do bankers live a hundred, a thousand times better than ordinary laborers? Bankers don’t work harder…They do not produce any material items. The financial world is a pyramid. Those who print money are on top. Ordinary people are at the bottom, below the “Big League”.

Many people live on the breadline. They are unable to maintain themselves and their families, not to mention buying clothes and any material values.

Most people worldwide are dissatisfied with their income… People are massively indebted to the banks… We are witnessing social inequality, when some have everything, while others own nothing.

Although the state budget expands by levying taxes on ordinary people, the authorities are unwilling to increase salaries and ensure a comfortable life for ordinary citizens. But MMM creates an alternative to the current financial system.

Thanks to the Community, the existing financial system will lose the competition and will be replaced with a new one. Everyone will get a chance to live happily, in abundance, and will cease to obey banks and the government.

People aspire to self-fulfillment: some dream of getting an education and starting a business, others want to travel, still others see their life mission in raising their children in abundance and helping the needy. There are a lot of people, each with their own desires and needs. To achieve these goals, we need money, and, thankfully, MMM solves this problem. The Community gives a chance to everyone to do what they want.



MMM and charity

We firmly believe that we must help the needy, whenever possible. The Community regularly hosts charity events. MMM’s participants distribute food to the starving and clothes to the poor; buy computers for schools and orphanages, finance treatment for those who have been abandoned by the state.

In MMM, you have a chance to provide for yourself and your family and live happily. But think about those who have no money to provide help, and those who do not participate in MMM for other reasons. We mean poor families, children in orphanages, sick people. We are building a good and just world, and encourage you to help others.

Help a poor family to become a part of the Community and build a happy life. Help orphans to give them a start in life, and give the sick a chance to recover.

Don't forget about the “boomerang effect” — your good deeds will surely be rewarded!






Who is Mr Mavrodi?

Sergey Mavrodi is the founder and leader of the MMM Community which has become his lifetime project. He is one of the few who has defied the current unjust financial system.

Mr Mavrodi stands for the financial freedom of every person and believes that a person doesn't need a lot of money to be happy, it is sufficient for them to be able to use it at any time. To know that they possess it.

Moreover, Sergey Mavrodi is a brilliant mathematician, candidate master of sports in Sambo, a Deputy of the Russian Parliament in 1994. At a young age, he worked as a programmer and participated in the development of the first operating systems. The company he founded was one of the leading distributors of computer technology in Russia.

Sergey Mavrodi's hobby is writing novels and poetry. Over 300 of his literary works have been published and are sold in stores. Several movies have been filmed based on his scenarios, and his poems have been set to music.



History of MMM

MMM was first founded by Sergey Mavrodi back in 1994, in Russia. Within 6 months, 20 million participants joined MMM, and the amount of “contributions” made up a third of the country's budget.

The founder of the Community wanted to go beyond Russia and take MMM to other countries, but MMM’s massive success bothered the officials. The authorities wanted to take MMM over, but Mr Mavrodi refused to hand it over, acting exclusively in the interests of the participants.

Having been denied what it had desired, the Russian Government deliberately destroyed MMM — and arrested Mr Mavrodi on false charges and confiscated the participants’ money.

In 2011, Sergey Mavrodi founded MMM as a multinational Community (not a company). It is the only Community in the world which has the tools to change the financial system in favor of the ordinary people.

Now all funds are only on the accounts of the participants themselves — Mr Mavrody has no power over them. MMM continues to expand across the world.

The participants hold charity events and donate help to those in need.

The growth rate is constantly increasing. Over 200 million participants from 118 countries have already joined the Community! Soon enough the entire world will join MMM!



MMM Community today



MMM Rules

MMM makes no distinction between people representing different age and social groups, occupations, political views, countries and religions. Here’s a list of rules:

  • Participation is only allowed for people of full legal age.
  • You are not allowed to create multiple accounts.
  • Each participant must use their own bank account and/or Bitcoin wallet.
  • A family referral is not allowed to provide help worth a bigger amount than yours.
  • Help must be provided within 72 hours. If you haven’t transferred money on time — you will be banned from the system.
  • You cannot refuse to transfer money after you have created a “Provide help” request. If you have a good reason — contact the support team, and your situation will be dealt with on an individual basis.
  • Use only free money. Never borrow the money or take a loan to provide help for the system’s participants.

If you have some problems or questions, please, write to us in the Support section; contact your guider or an online-consultant on the site.

Follow these recommendations to make your participation in MMM safe! Together we will change the world!



MMM’s legality

MMM participants lend financial help to each other and get 50% of the respective amount on a monthly basis. MMM operates in different countries and violates no legislation in any of them.

Participation in the Community is legal. MMM is not a legal entity, but a voluntary association of people. We do not conduct commercial activity or provide investment or consulting services.

Participants exchange money voluntarily. At the legislative level, this cannot be prohibited. MMM has existed for many years.

In most countries, donations are not tax deductible. If you are a participant from a country that levies a donation tax, you will have to pay this tax.

We call on the participants to abide bythe laws of their countries of residence.



MMM Geography

The MMM Mutual Aid Community is operating all over the world. Each Community participant has a chance to provide for themselves and live happily!

At the moment, more than 228 million residents from over 118 countries have joined MMM! New participants join us every second.

TOP countries by the number of the participants:

  • China
  • India
  • Indonesia
  • Japan
  • Nigeria
  • Brazil
  • USA
  • Turkey
  • South Africa
  • Spain

The Community audience is extremely wide: any PC, smartphone or tablet user of legal age may become a member.

Moreover, even people without the Internet access may participate in the system. MMM leaders can register a participant and perform all necessary actions for them. Subsequently, the participant will provide and get help via the leader. However, the participant will anyway have to send and receive money to their personal bank account or Bitcoin wallet.

The MMM Community is equally popular among both men and women of all age groups. We intend to be as close as possible to all our members, whether it’s a student or a retiree. The Community aims to help absolutely everyone. People with completely various interests and characters may be found among the participants, but all of them are still driven by the same purpose — change the world for the better!

MMM is struggling with the world’s financial system. For this reason, the Community will cover the entire planet in the nearest future.



MMM Community members



MMM participants

People of different ages and professions participate in MMM. Everyone has their own life stories, but they are united by the common goal. The participants change the world for the better and fight against social inequality. Thanks to MMM, people lend financial help to each other and get for that 50% of the provided help amount on a monthly basis.

The community has existed since 2011, and until then, it was impossible to believe into the reality of such conditions. But nowadays everything changed. The founder of the Community,Sergey Mavrodi,has interests of the participants in mind rather than his own interests. His purpose is to change the world, and MMM is a tool to achieve this goal. The Community unites different people. Make sure yourself looking at the stories of 4 people who don’t have anything in common except MMM.

Who is a part of the Community

  • Jessica is 27 years old. She works as a consultant in a consulting company. Sociable, many-sided personality; always positive. Spends a lot of time in social networks. She has an average salary. Thanks to the Community she began to get enough money to feel happy. Promotes MMM attracting new members.
  • Fang is 62 years old. He’s a retiree. He has health issues and a low pension. Having joined the Community, he received the amount of money required for the treatment and got better. He started to travel to health resorts. He is happy and constantly telling other people about MMM.
  • Dario is 19 years old. He’s a young student paid an educational scholarship. Before joining the Community, he could hardly afford anything, but now everything has changed. A young man is always in a good mood, study-oriented. He tells about MMM to his groupmates who have also chosen to join the big Community family.
  • Isabella is 45 years old. She owns a small company and is always busy. She is self-confident and involved in every aspect of her business. She has virtually no spare time. She mainly sees MMM as a way to make money.

These are just 4 people out of 200 million members. MMM unites different people. Soon enough the entire world will join MMM,ensuring a fair life for all. Join MMM and get 50% of the respective amount per month, and change the world for the better!



MMM School

In order to provide training for participants on inviting new people to the Community, we have created MMM School. It is free of charge and available to everyone.

Here you can find detailed information on MMM and discover the truth about the financial world. In the School, you will learn how to work in social media, on web-sites and forums; how to easily convey information about MMM and deal with objections.

In MMM School you are going to learn how to develop your own structure. Even inexperienced members who don’t know how to attract people become excellent referrers and leaders after they attend this school. Only having passed the training in MMM School, you can get a guider’s status.

If you take your studies seriously, just a month after completing the course you will attract over 100 new participants. Join the MMM School, build a powerful structure, and get referral and leader bonuses!



Advantages of participating in MMM

People from all over the world are members of the MMM Community. Each participant has a chance to financially provide for themselves and their families, take care of their loved ones or run charity. With MMM, you live the life you deserve.

Everyone is participating for various reasons — some live out their childhood dream of becoming a zoo owner, others run charities and save lives, still others provide for their families and kids to make them lack nothing.

Main advantages of participating in MMM

  1. Make yourself and your loved ones happy. There are already 200 million happy MMM members around the world. You are your own boss, your schedule is flexible and your income is unlimited. You get the opportunity to do what you love and ensure a bright future for your children.
  2. Build a fair world. Each participant gets of the provided help amount per month and helps change the financial system. With MMM, you are creating a fair world where everyone will live happily and lack nothing.
  3. Help others. With MMM, you have a chance to run charities and help those in need. MMM is basically a Mutual Aid Community where participants help each other. Invite your friends, family and everyone else to join MMM. Live happily and give others a chance to change their lives!

We have singled out 3 global advantages of joining MMM.In reality,however,there are many more advantages to it. A mutual aid community is a silver lining. It’s kindness with no equals in human history. Help others, get 50% of the respective amount on a monthly basis, and create a just world!



Geometrical progression in MMM

MMM works on the principle of geometrical progression. In the Community, Mavros grow by up to 50% per month using a complicated percentage. If you don’t create a Get Help request, the amount with already accrued interest grows by up to 50% . Benefit from it.

During 3 months money grows by 120%

Here is an example. You provided help worth3,000 yuan at 50%, and in a month you will have 3,900. But if you leave the money on your MMM account and hold it for another month, you will have 5,070 yuan.

This is how the principle of geometrical progression works in MMM —money will grow by 69 % over2 months, instead of 60 %. But the picture is still nicer if you don't withdraw yuans for 3 months —they will grow by 120 % and turn into 6,591 yuans.

But even in this case no one forces you to create a Get Help request. Your money grew more than twice compared to your provided help amount, but if you keep it in MMM a little longer, it will continue to grow with cosmic speed. Six months later, your 3,000 will turn into 15,000 – they will increase 5 times. And if you do not withdraw money for a year, it will grow up to 70,000 yuan.

Buy goods several times cheaper

In MMM, every citizen of China, even with a small income, can support themselves financially and save for any product or service. If you have no money for big amounts of help, participate with small amounts and wait a little longer. The geometrical progression will help you.

Participating in MMM, you will buy an iPhone, which costs 6,000 yuans, for only 3,600 yuan. To do this, provide help in MMM for this amount, and in2 months, withdraw money with accrued interest and buy the goods. Thus,you can save for anything —a car, a house, your own business and so on.

Share this information with other people

Join the Community and buy any goods. Tell your family and friends about the geometrical progression —let them also get their life back in order.

It is noteworthy that the growth of new participants in MMM is also based on the principle of geometrical progression. 80 % of newcomers learn about the Community via "word of mouth" - participants that received financial help tell friends about it, and they also join the Community. Soon MMM will spread all over the world!



MMM is a tool to reach financial goals

The MMM Mutual Aid Community will help you start a happy life. Your Mavros grow at a rate of up to 50% a month, and these conditions grant you the opportunity to take care of your loved ones, start travelling and make the purchases you desire a lot cheaper. Why? Because with MMM you are going to spend less money if you are willing to wait.

In fact, both a well-off person and a person with little money may achieve their financial goals with the help of MMM. In the second case, you will just need to wait longer, but will get what you desire anyway. Help amounts can be divided into 3 categories: small (up to $500), medium ($500 –$2,000) and large ($2,000 and more).

How financial goals can be attained with the help of MMM

Let’s assume that your financial goal is a vacation. Are you tired of staying home, do you want to go abroad with your wife and kids? No problem!

Calculate the amount of money you will need. Let’s say it’s $3,000. If this amount is unaffordable for you at the moment, MMM will help you. Now, let’s calculate how soon you will go on a vacation, depending on the amounts you might contribute.

  • Small help amount. Provide help for $400 at a rate of 50%. Within 8 months, your money will grow to $3,300. As a result,you will need a bit more than six months, but you will go abroad for $400 only.
  • Medium help amount. Provide help for $1,050 at a rate of 50%. Within 4 months, you money will grow to the required $3,000, and you will go on your vacation. Thus, you will have to wait a short while, but will be able to enjoy an almost three-times-cheaper holiday.
  • Large help amount. Provide help for $2,300 at a rate of 50%, and you will receive the required amount for your travelling in just a month. You will spare $700, waiting for just one month.

With MMM, it’s easy to achieve any financial objectives. For example:

  • Buying an apartment. Provide help for $10,000 at a rate of 50%, and a year later you will get $233,000. Property prices are huge in China, but MMM gives you a chance to buy a house while paying over 20 times less.
  • Charity. Provide help for $500 at a rate of 50%, and within 3 months you will already donate to the charity fund $1,100 already, and will be able to save more lives.
  • Others. People have different financial goals, but MMM helps implement each of them. Whatever you want, the Community allows you to obtain that.

Participate in MMM only using funds you can spare and don’t provide big help. The Mutual Aid Community is building a just world where everyone can live a happy life!



MMM saves lives

Unfortunately, there are situations in life from which nobody is insured — these are health issues. Sometimes these problems are so serious that a person’s life is under threat.

Treatment of a severe disease is incredibly expensive — it is impossible to earn that kind of money on a conventional job. A person has no choice but to ask for help. And while a lot of people turn away, including the state, MMM doesn’t. The community has repeatedly helped its participants to overcome severe health issues. Otherwise, the thread of their life would have been broken.

We helped the participants with money for a surgery to treat a deadly disease and have received many thank-you letters. Here is one of them:

“Dear MMM Mutual Aid Community! My name is Miao Hang Bin, I am a participant of MMM China from Liaoyang city. And I would like to thank Mr. Nick and Mr. Mavrodi for their help. Despite the fact that we have never met in real life, I am speaking from the depth of my heart. I am grateful to the system because it has covered hundreds of thousands yuan for the medical services for my family.

My family and I are grateful to Mr Nick, Mr. Mavrodi and other kind and caring participants and leaders who responded to our call for help. I would like to thank MMM for the support. Thanks to the system, all my sorrows and fears have been dispelled. My gratitude is beyond words, I appreciate that the Community helped my wife to cover medical expenses at a crucial moment.

MMM China gave us new hope. After the hospital admission I can already move and speak a little bit. I am very lucky to have engaged in this wonderful system, while many other people are suffering. I'm very grateful to the system for help!!! Together we will change the world!!!”

MMM is a Mutual Aid Community which is building a fair world. Our goal is happiness for everyone. Why are people unable to pay for their treatment? Why does surgery cost that kind of money which honest people cannot earn?

The world is unfair, but we are changing it. We are building a new fair world where everyone will live happily ever after. Everyone will have as much money as required. And no one will have problems with the money for treatment and other needs.

Participate in MMM and build a fair future for your children and yourself! Together we will change the world!



MMM eliminates debts

Members of the MMM Mutual Aid Community lend financial help to each other and get 50% of the respective amount per month. With such terms, everyone gets a chance to make a fresh start —pay off debts, provide for themselves and their family, do the things they love.

We regularly receive thank-you letters from MMM participants. Very often people say “thank you” for solving their debt problems with MMM. Here is the text of a gratitude letter about how the Community helped the family to get out of debts.


"Dear Mr Sergey Mavrodi! My wife, our children and I, sincerely thank you for creating MMM. But for the Mutual Aid Community, in which I have been involved for almost six months, I would have probably never paid off the debts that I had.

I owed money to the Bank, but a couple of times I deferred the credit because of family circumstances, and, in the end, the interest began to grow at a frantic pace. I had to take another loan to pay off the interest accrued on the previous credit. In the end, I was brought to the point of borrowing money from friends, because my debt in the Bank was growing so fast I didn't manage to pay it off.

But 5 months ago I heard about MMM and provided my first help. As a result, thanks to the Community, I was able to pay off the first loan and then the second one. Then I paid all the debts to friends and started a new life in which I don't owe anything to anyone. I am sure, but for MMM, I wouldn’t have got out of a debt hole. But now all my problems are left behind. The MMM Community is a real miracle! Thank you for being there in my life!"

This text reaffirms the right direction of MMM. With the Community, you solve problems and get a chance for a happy life. Participate in MMM, get 50% per month and build a fair world in which you will never be in need!



Change your life with MMM

By participating in the MMM Mutual Aid Community, you create a fair world in which everyone will live happily ever after. You lend financial help to other participants and your money grows by 50% per month.

You won't find such conditions anywhere else. MMM gives everyone a chance to start a happy life, ensuring income for your family. But what is more important, thanks to the Community you will implement lifelong dreams that seemed unreachable.

MMM changes lives

The community helps by deeds, not words. We have published several thank-you letters from participants who have changed their lives with the help of MMM and brought joy to their family.

Thousands of participants around the world publish Letters of Happiness about getting help every day. Thanks to the Community they make long-awaited purchases, travel and start their own business.

With MMM you will make your dreams come true, because the Community gives you a chance to become financially independent. If you are unable to provide help, attract new members and build your own structure to get excellent bonuses. If you can’t attract newcomers, join the MMM school. It is free and available to everyone.

In the school you will learn how to work in social networks, on sites and forums. You will learn how to easily convey information about MMM, how to work with objections. If you take your studies seriously, just a month after completing the course you will attract over 100 new members.

Make your dream come true

MMM gives you a chance to start a new life, don't miss it. Participate in the Community, lend financial help to other members and get up to 50% per month of the amount of provided help.

Build your own structure, attract newcomers. MMM is building a fair world, where everyone will implement set goals. Travel, give happiness to your loved ones, start your own business. With MMM, you have the opportunity to live a life you could only dream of.



Convenience for participants is paramount

Sergey Mavrodi does everything he can to make participation in the Community as simple as possible for everyone.

FAQ, Marketing Kit and instructions for the participants.

In MMM, guidelines for newcomers with the answers to frequently asked questions and detailed instructions on participation have been prepared. Anyone — a student or a retiree — is able to understand them.


Online-consultants, working on the site, can answer any questions related to the Community and assist in registration withMMM.

Mobile version of the site and mobile application.

Sometimes it’s inconvenient to use a PC while a mobile phone is always at hand. Therefore, MMM programmers have developed a special mobile version of the site and a mobile application in order for you to take part in the Community using your smartphone.

Offices (Community centers).

As the Community advances, MMM offices are opened across the world. There you may be consulted on all questions in detail, provide and get help.

MMM School.

MMM School is available for the participants wishing to learn how to attract new members into the Community. Any participant can be enrolled in it, learn how to attract newcomers into the Community and become a prominent guider.



Invite all people into MMM

The MMM Mutual Aid Community is building a just world where social inequality will be totally eliminated. Everyone will be able to get the amount of money they desire. In MMM, you get 50% of the help amount provided to another participant on a monthly basis, while inviting newcomers gets you 10 % of their provided help amount. Earn yourself by inviting your friends, families and total strangers into the Community. Give them a chance to improve their lives. With MMM, everyone will live happily!

Join the MMM Guider School

By developing the Community and inviting new people into MMM, you will provide for yourself financially and give others the chance to earn as well. However,attracting new members isn’t something everyone can do. The MMM Guider School has been opened to teach participants to attract unknown people into the Community. It is free of charge and available to each member.

You will learn how to work with sites, in social networks, with video content and graphic editors, professional editing programs. You will gain psychological knowledge —you will know how to deal with objections. A month after the training you will be able to attract more than 100 new participants.

How to gain $1,000 per month without providing help by yourself

If you invite 100 new people into the Community, and they will provide help for an average of $100, you will get $10 from each one of them. In total it’s $1,000. Bring your friends and families to MMM, pass training in the MMM Guider School and attract unknown people. Grant yourself and all others financial stability!






MMM never asks for passwords and offers fee-based services

The MMM Mutual Aid Community pays each participant 50% a month and seeks to ensure maximum safety. Unfortunately, malicious users periodically try to deceive gullible participants and steal their money. We want you to be careful and prevent the fraudsters from taking possession of your money and private data.

How fraudsters may exploit your gullibility:

1) A fraudster may “cheat” you out of your PO password

  • A fraudster gets in touch with you (via a social network, Skype, etc.) and acts as MMM administration.
  • They then make up a reason (e. g., suspicion of fraudulence) and asks you to send your account password allegedly for reliability testing.
  • You believe the abuser and send them your password. They change your bank account data and withdraw your Mavros using their own bank details.

Please, remember that the MMM administration never,under no circumstances shall ask for your account password. You are the only one knowing it. Don’t tell it to anyone, particularly a fake administration.

2) A fraudster can “cheat” you out of your money

Most participants know that MMM will never ask for passwords, therefore fraudsters use another way and offer paid services on behalf of the administration:

  • A fraudster gets in touch with you (via social network, Skype, etc.) and acts as MMM administration.
  • They suggest solving your problem: unlocking your account, processing your order twice as fast, considering your ticket immediately, etc. They can ask for that a certain fee, e. g. $20.
  • You are happy to know that your account is going to be unlocked and send $20 to the fraudster. As a result, your $20 are lost and your account remains locked.

Please, remember that the MMM administration and control and revision department never offer any paid services and take participants’ money.

If you are asked to transfer money to the MMM administration’s account for some kind of service, please be aware that you are being cheated.

Join the MMM Community, receive 50% per month and don’t let anybody deceive you. Keep your password safe and never pay for the services offered by fake administration!



What to do if your account has been hacked

The MMM Community pays 50% per month and allows each participant to provide for their family, live out their lifelong dreams and live happily. However, there are Internet fraudsters that try to cheat others and steal their money.

We regularly publish instructions on how to be protect oneself against fraudsters. In case if you didn’t have a chance to defend yourself, and the attacker has hacked your MMM account after all — don’t panic.

3 ways to save money after being hacked

  1. Check whether you still have access to your Personal Office. If yes,change your password, and then, immediately, write to the support team. The MMM administration will temporarily ban all operations via your PO, so that the fraudster cannot cash in your MAVROS.
  2. If the fraudster succeeds in creating a Get Help request before the administration considers your ticket, ask the sender not to send the money.
  3. If you can’t even enter your PO, inform an online-consultant on the site about the attack.

You have become a hack victim —it’s disappointing, but it won’t hurt you. From now on, don’t let fraudsters take over the access to your Personal Office.

Before continuing your activities within MMM, do the following:

  1. Scan your PC and smartphone using an antivirus app. Clean them from malware.
  2. Make sure that attackers don’t have access to your email account. You must change your email password.
  3. Change your Personal Office password.

Please, remember: don’t panic if you have been hacked. Inform the MMM administration about the attack. If the fraudster created a Get Help request, ask the sender not to send the money. Remove viruses from your PC and smartphone and change your email password. Then change the password to your Personal Office.

Follow the rules above in case of hacking. Don’t give abusers the chance to cheat you again -— infect your PC, steal your money or data. Participate in MMM without risks, help others and get help yourself.